Safe DiceBot Script 2018 – Low balance, Profit: 0.0485 BTC – NCT Dicebot Script V150118

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7. Recommended wallet: https://goo.gl/ywgQuH. Support all coins, exchange, low fee, fast, 2-step security, simple, easy to use, mobile apps. I’m using very good.
8. Virustotal – Online Virus Scan:
– NCT Dicebot V3.3.13.14: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/b785b6abd4e5063a99dff69a2720f2ec7162d64a8d025fb2e953a659e71d7267/detection

9. Base information for NCT Dicebot and NCT Dicebot Script
– Support all dice sites, all coins: BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE… Auto change seed.
– You can manually change basebet and target profit.
– Support low balance, 1ow basebet: 0.00000001. Recommended balance: 0.1.

– Play only 3 times a day, separated by 3 hours.
– Don’t be greedy. Many a little makes a mickle.
– Only run 1 script 1 account per site and only you.
– Don’t follow my videos. I test new script, high risk.
– Run latest NCT Dicebot Script. Do not run old scripts, high risk.
– If big profits or after 3 times wins, withdraw all money and change IP, create a new account.
– Please read carefully and always follow everything in “ATTENTION” or “Help — About” menu in NCT Dicebot
– Remember that: It’s Dice, the gaming … always have risk and luck. You, me and everyone can not win forever. Have winning and have losing. So, don’t be greedy, many a little makes a mickle. Always follow everything in “ATTENTION” or “Help — About” menu in NCT Dicebot. Set profit targets safety in day and stop, not run anymore.

– I sell NCT Dicebot Script: run 24/24, overnight, support VPS, unlimited profits, more secure, many different methods. Script and seed code for only you. Update daily scripts and seed code. Support forever.
– I write script according to your ideas.
– Support forever. Contact me: [email protected] WhatsApp: +1 (587) 803-5671. Telegram: NCTDicebot or +1 (201) 431-2532.

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– BTC address: 3DL1yhwTG8rdNyJs4ZaehXUFrhvGimhyFb
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– ETH address: 0x47580aa4383dc8107e72bd0182cda9e9c09e58eb
– LTC address: LbkDLsHTb4NYL48rC542jsHLEtYhpWY1xX
– DOGE address: DFFroghZFjfm8WyMUbWDNp2rmX49Py9j5Q
– MXR address: 43c2ykU9i2KZHjV8dWff9HKurYYRkckLueYK96Qh4p1EDoEvdo8mpgNJJpPuods53PM6wNzmj4K2D1V11wvXsy9LMiaYc86
– DASH address: XjcLBjNBzULkVH7Q9TisgT3yeN6ahseYmR
– ZEC address: t1TmQgvPhBhG25UY8p2zRADHVniKWSXzXqQ

This is the most advanced betting bot available, including awesome features such as flexible betting systems, profit and bets charting, searchable bet history,
auto roll verification, automatic withdrawal/invest and a programmer mode to code your own strategy.

Sites currently supported:
1. 999Dice
2. BetKing
3. Betterbets
4. Bitdice
5. Bit-Exo
6. Bitsler
7. BitVest.IO
8. CoinMillions
9. Coinpro.fit
10. crypto-games
11. dice.seuntjie.com
12. DuckDice
13. etcbets.com
14. FortuneJack
15. Freebitco.in
16. Just-dice
17. KingDice
18. Monerodice
19. MoneyPot
20. NitrogenSports
21. Prime Dice
22. Provably.IO
23. Rollin.IO
24. SafeDice
25. Satoshi Dice
26. Stake
27. WealthyDice
28. YoloDice

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  • Edwin Zafra March 9, 2018 at 6:53 am

    Min balance for its script Bro?? Thanks


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