www.crypto-games.net – Multi Currency Dice/Slot Gambling (Doge, BTC, LTC and more) WIN

I decided to try crypto-games.net today with 0.05BTC and came out ahead with +0.02 profit.

You can sign up here: https://www.crypto-games.net?i=bQ4naLUTpd

This site does NOT have a faucet, but it does have Play money

This site has autobet function and you are able to bet with not only Bitcoins, but also LTC, Dogecoins and much more.

The only flaw I found is I am unable to choose the amount that I want to cash out (It auto cashes you out at your balance – this may be good for some users)

If you want me to test any other btc sites, please leave a comment and I will try my best to test it 🙂

As always:
All donations to 1GtJRbn8fDjL5RU5pVXiiYKkSyLrmgwUog will be used to test and make videos of additional gambling sites.

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