Zeroedge – Revolutionary Gambling Model – Players Earn Just by Playing Casino Games


ZeroEdge.Bet is a unique blockchain based online gambling
platform with 0% house edge casino games, commission-free
sports betting exchange and an open-source platform for building
and operating customised games for anyone who wish to have
their own online casino.

Zero Edge Casino model is based on Metcalfe’s law and factual
Bitcoin price growth. Casino players, i.e. Zerocoin holders will not
only be able to play 0% house edge games, which offer a truly
equal odds of winning against the house, but will also see their
Zerocoin value increase as a result of increased demand and
adoption of the token.

For more information visit us: https://tokensale.zeroedge.bet

Or join our community on telegram channel: https://t.me/zeroedgecasino

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