Translighters Games # 3

Science, Magic, Technologies
Online Interactive, the Biointernet Show
With Sergey Avdeev and Kirill Korotkov
Monday, 21.00 GMT+2, Prague’s Time


These are Games in Time, with Time and Timeless
Working with Translighters Equipment, talking with inventor and developers of the Biointernet project, Questions and Answers, Experiments, Translighters Digital, Intuitive Information Sight training, Translighters Transfer, Ideas Exchange, Dice, Brain Storm, Expert-Operator System, Leader Follow, MiniMax technology, new devices and more

Key words:
Intuition, The Biointernet, Intuitive Information Sight, Remote Viewing, Lucid Dreaming, Love, Expedition, Games, Play, Feel, Sense, Stock, Human Resources, Experiment, Bio-Well, GDV Sputnik, Prognosis, Bio-Well, Casino, Science, Quality of Life, Meditation, Bitcoin course, Bitcoin Price, Market Cap, Charts, Satoshi Cycle, Research, Precognition, Reiki, Cosmos, BEZ, Metamodeling, Human Resources, Metabolism


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