Easy Money Ba Ang Hanap Mo? | DAILY VITAVIN # 73 | Founder’s Vlog | Entrepreneur’s Vlog | Bitcoin

DAILY VITAVIN # 73 | Easy Money Ba Ang Hanap Mo?

Madali mag simula ng negosyo kung tutuusin, ang mag palake nito ang syang napaka mahirap kung hindi buo ang loob mo, susuko ka sa gitna dahil samahabang panahon parang walang nang yayaring progreso. Hindi easy money ang pag nenegosyo tulad ng isip ng karamihan na kaya mag bubusiness kasi mas gusto nila kumita nang mas malake at mas marami silang kontroladong oras. Kabaliktaran ang lahat ng yan. Ang pag nenegosyo ay pag bibigay ng serbisyong kinakaylangan ng iba.

Its all about serving others and the money is just the manifestation na your doing a great job for others

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Welcome to Daily Vitavin – A Channel for micro entrepreneurs out there who aims to grow there businesses and make their dreams come true.

Hello, I am Arvin Orubia and I am an Entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy way for me. I encounter multiple business failure but my reason on having a business is greater than the pain I experience. And my reason is not about money. My reason on why I want to create multiple businesses is because I want to inspire my fellow countrymen that we can built great things that the whole world will be benefited on what we can create. I know its not an easy task but I am willing to dedicate my whole life for the learning and improvement of the whole Filipino mindset. I still don’t know every right thing in the world but I have few right answer that’s why I want to share with you those few right answer I got from my businesses experiences. And together let’s find for right answer on how to improve our nation THE PHILIPPINES.

I believe success is from Lord Jesus Christ but if we are lazy, He can’t give it to us. Let’s work Hard and Always be praying

My Daily Vlogs is for all the hardworking Small Business Man in the Philippines and also for all Startup Founders.

Daily Vitavin vlogs are for Micro Entrepreneurs Who initially ask How To Start A Business or How To Grow A Business.

This is for those who ask what are the Best Businesses in the Philippines To Start and for those who wants to know how to setup a business

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